Monday, March 5, 2018

Design Blues...

I’m spending more time designing than writing code now. It’s a big change that has resulted in better code. I’ve never been required to this before - not even now - but I want to develop the habit of writing unit tests. My prior approach has been to immediately start coding and testing. Keep going until you’re done. You get working code, but it’s not always good. Practicing TDD has helped me see that. I’m saving time and getting better results.

The downside is that I hate the process. I’m so used to equating “coding” with work and learning that evaluating design choices seems a little lazy and unnecessary. The whole time I’m designing, I’m anxious to finish - not enjoying any of the process. Apparently I prefer debugging. I guess it makes sense: the fun part is making something work.

Hopefully  this will be a week of actually coding, but we’ll see. On another positive note, I discovered a pretty good JavaScript library: Fine Uploader. I’m using it in the feature I’ve been designing. It’s been pretty easy to use and configure, so I thought I'd share...

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